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The Moment my Neighbour is Dragged Down her Driveway by her Walkies….

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

My neighbour's dogs wanted to be the ones holding the leash, and they did it in the most brutal way!

While most dogs are more than happy to be taken for a walk, my neighbour’s dogs wanted more than that! They wanted to be the ones holding the leash, and they did it in the most brutal way! One could imagine that a bunch of dogs are no threat to an adult but walking a pack of dogs is not always the best of ideas.

I had just walked out of my house when I noticed my neighbour, Angela, taking her three dogs for their afternoon walk. We had barely exchanged pleasantries when her dogs noticed another pack of dogs across the street, and all hell breaks loose. Angela is dragged down her driveway by her three dogs; Yogi, Jack and Sprocket.

Angela had tried to calm her pets down as they approached the end of the lane but once they started to pull on their leashes, she lost her balance and down she went! I ran towards her to help but by the time I got there, the dogs had managed to break loose and run after the other dogs.

Angela did not suffer any serious injuries although she had bruises on her hands and legs, a ripped jeans and sore ribs. When I asked her why she did not let go the leash to avoid being dragged, she simply said that she didn’t want her dogs to get into a fight with the other dogs. One of her dogs too was limping as she ended up landing on him when she took the fall.

I am a pet lover myself and a proud owner of a Golden Retriever named (Sony). The most important thing I have realized as a dog owner is: Maintaining a dog is like having a baby at home but unlike human baby DOGS NEVER GROW UP in the sense that they need 3–4 times walk, 2–3 times food, playtime etc which has to be done each and every single day.

This is the reason why walking your dog should be part of your daily routine but this incidence proves that walking a pack of dogs can be dangerous. While an adult can take a fall such as the one Angela took, just imagine what would have happened had it been a kid who was taking the dogs for their routine walk? We probably have ended up in the ER.

Later that day, I was talking to some of our neighbours who were in agreement that there are so many ways that such an incident would have gone wrong. I come from a neighbourhood that is full of pet lovers and apparently, there have been several incidences of people being dragged when walking their dogs.

In one such incident, a lady was dragged downhill when walking her two dogs in the woods. In her case, she actually sustained major injuries considering that the pets dragged her downhill for several minutes. Her 11-year old managed to run back home and call for help.

Being able to witness this incident has made me aware of just how dangerous it is to walk a pack of dogs. There is no guarantee on your safety especially regarding the dogs’ reaction to other dogs in the neighbourhood.

Depending on how aggressive your dogs are, you can easily end up with injuries while playing ‘mediator’ between the warring packs. Needless to say, such incidences serve as a wakeup call to people with pets. If you own several dogs, you have the option of taking the dogs for their walks in turns as opposed to leashing them together.

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