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Pack walk story.

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I thought as an animal lover it would be extremely easy and I would be able to make some easy money – WRONG I was lol.

Hello My Name is Philip Williams and this is my short story about my short stint as a dog walker. 1st I would like to say you guys that all my dog walkers you are the truth and at the time I didn’t realize the type of control you needed to have in order to do pack walks. I thought as an animal lover it would be extremely easy and I would be able to make some easy money and grow this little business I was trying to start WRONG I was, lol.

I put up signs saying the I was dog walker and would like to take on a few clients to get started. I started with about 5 clients in Brooklyn and hit the ground running . My 1st couple of walks went swimmingly I thought I was the hottest thing on the dog walking block until it all went gravely wrong. I’ll never forget the pitbull who ruined this experience for me. Now I’m sure Sunny was a sweet dog with his owner this beautiful woman who had a great personality but on this day Sunny wasn’t feeling Me the other dogs or the people around me. We started the walk like normal and Sunny seemed to be bit on edge. The other dogs must have noticed because minus one pug who was always in her own world they all became extra cautious. Some how when I’m walking with the dogs one of the collars ends up getting detached from the leash and wouldn’t you know it happens to be Sunny’s. Sunny begins barking at the other dogs and ends up fighting with other dogs . At this point I’m terrified because at this point I realized Sunny unleashed his inner demon and was out for blood. Not only were we on the street but now the cops arrived and we’re trying to help out with situation. Now to make things worse I drop the main leash and all the dogs scatter. Now I can continue this long story because at this point I’m cursing up a storm the cops and ppl nearby are trying to help me recover all the dogs. Long story short after recovering all dogs who some had minor injuries I then had to explain to each owner what happened and beg not to sue me I’m lucky a few still paid me because I would not have. I did have to borrow money for 3 vets appointments but this is the reason why I will never be a dog walker again.


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